Tuesday, 16 February 2010

This is Oro Verde, a variegated Sanguinea. She has the most velvet soft leaves. She does not seem to be bothered by bugs and stuff! Very easy to grow!

I want to start sharing some photographs with you that I have taken of my Brugmansia!


Joseph Despins said...


What type of lens and camera do you use, and how do you get the beautiful black background, may I ask?


Alan said...

I use two different camera's A Cannon and a Fuji. The Cannon is a 20d SLR and I use a standard 50mm lens. The Fuji is a 12mp fixed lens but it produces great pics.
On some of the pics. I use black velvet for the backgroud, others are blacked out using Photoshop.
Hope this helps

Joseph Despins said...

Thank you, Alan. It is helpful indeed. Photoshop appears to be quite a useful albeit expensive software package!

cassie said...

I have some sang. x Oro verd seeds a couple have came up and I cant wait to see what happens with them. It is people like you that make me believe that anything is possible. You make wonderful plant. I thank you.

Nicci said...

I love your stunning blooms. such to strive for!
It makes me wish I lived in San Francisco instead of SW Florida. Simply beautiful, I can't say enough.
'Bodhi' at ibrugs