Sunday, 4 July 2010

The colour on this seedling has 'blown me away'
I think this is the richest colour of any of my seedlings so far this year.
(RL X WF 7 09/10) X Mystic Fire 1


Shirley said...

Absolutely gorgeous color and shape. I enjoy coming to your blog and just wishing for something so pretty to be in my yard. You are doing great work.


Alan said...

Thanks Shirley.
I presume you are in the U.S ?
One day they will be over your side of the pond :-)

cassie said...

Love It ! love it! very awesome color! and a beautiful shape!

Shirley said...

Will be waiting. Yes, I'm from Iowa, USA. It's been a real scorcher here this year, so I hope a lot of work happens.... making these beauties more heat tolerant.

Alan said...

I answered your e-mail over at DG, did you see it?