Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Here is a seedling that has me very excited :-)
This is Arborea 'S' X Wildfire.
It has produced a bloom with a very rich colour, a sweet Arborea fragrance. bug free Arborea foliage and hopefully some Arborea hardiness (hot and cold)
I have managed to pollinate one bloom with Wildfire pollen and I have a seedpod.
I hope this is a starting point for some coloured, fragrant Sphaerocarpiums.


Roxanne said...

That flower is amazing! How long from seed to flower? Roxanne

brenda said...

I am still wanting to buy some seeds when you have some to spare.


Alan said...

Hi Rox.
I guess this one took about 7 months from seed to bloom, they have to bloom within the first year or I compost them :-0
Hi Brenda
I only have Arborea cross seeds at the moment, pods are maturing on other Sphaero's :-)