Friday, 11 March 2011

I have had two blooms opened over the last couple of days, nice to have some colour in this still cold,damp, dark weather.
Violet Velvet and Arborea 'T'


Roxanne said...

That Violet Velvet is gorgeous! I can't wait to see what comes of my seeds! What is Arborea T?

Trine said...

Violet Velvet was a winner :-) Arbores has been flowering for me also, during winter. Amazing how they keep it going with practical no water and almost no light.
We need spring and summer now.

Alan said...

Hi Rox
Arborea 'T' is a wild form variety of Arborea. I believe the 'T' comes from the fact that the guy who introduced it is called Tom!
Hi Trine
Great to hear from you :-) A person from Norway has just purchased Violet Velvet from me off Ebay. I told them I had a Brug friend who lives in Norway, I gave them your Blog site address so they could contact you.
Arborea's sure try their hardest to keep blooming :-)

Trine said...

Hi Alan
Just had to tell you. The person that puechased V.V from you, contacted me by e-mail yesterday. He lives just a few kilometres from where I live :-) Guess we will meet for garden chat during spring and summer.

Alan said...

Hi Trine
That's great news, glad I could introduce you :-)

PerennialGirl said...

Alan your Violet Velvet is gorgeous!!! Maybe one day I'll be able to grow this one to.

:) Donna

Alan said...

Hi Donna
Hopefully we can get these around the globe:-)