Sunday, 27 March 2011

Spring must be here?
I have taken my plant 'Rosa Lila' outside today to blow off the cobwebs and show off her blooms.
She has just come out of her winter quarters but I already love the shape the plant is producing :rthumbup:
Love the blooms also.
She is the 'mother' to one of my breeding lines, I'll be busy with pollen this evening


Roxanne said...

Gorgeous plant, Alan! Your weather must be much better than ours. It's snowing again, today highs on the 30's. I think I'm going to die if it doesn't get warm soon!

Alan said...

Don't die Rox ;-)
It will warm up soon, I hope !
All the beautiful brugs your going to have this summer will soon cheer you up.
Hang-in there :-)