Wednesday, 8 August 2012

New Seedling, H. Elinor X Mystic Ice

Sorry the pic. is not very good!
This is the first bloom on a new seedling :- Hurstwood Elinor X Mystic Ice.
Not noticed any fragrance (first bloom though!) but look how dark she is, wow.
I have included a comparison shot of her next to Hurstwood Hannah which is also very dark.
Totally different bloom shape to H. Hannah, I'm liking this and have already crossed it both ways with H.Hannah.
What do you think?


roxxanne said...

Nice color! I like how the light color fade down into the darker color. Very nice. I don't k now which shape I like best. They are both very pretty. It will be interesting to see what the cross will look like! Generally, how long from seed to bloom? I have several seedlings from the seeds I bought in the spring. They're not really big yet, but I'm glad I didn't loose them in the crazy heat we've had this summer.

Alan said...

Hi Rox Nice to hear from you :-) My seedlings have to bloom in the first year or I compost them, have no room to over winter plants that I haven't seen bloom.Both shapes are nice and different, it will be interesting to see the resultant crosses. (Both seed pods have dropped off! time to make new one's.

S├ębastien Chalifour said...

Hi Alan...nice cross with deep pink and velvet colors...another one to register I think...I have some technicals questions to ask you about over winter my you proceed exactly and what is your thechnic to succeed your cuttings with them...I have my technics with warm group but I'm a newbe with cold group...Thank's a lot!!!