Tuesday, 16 October 2012

More seeds available:-

Arborea 'S'
Hurstwood Hannah

I have successfully used the genes from Arborea 'S' to breed fragrance into some of my Sphaerocarpiums. I am hoping this crossing will produce seedlings with the colour of H. Hannah and the fragrance of  Arborea 'S'


Sébastien Chalifour said...

Hi Alan. I'm interested by your Oro Verde X Hurstwood Sunshine seeds. It is possible to know how you want to proceed for the transaction.

I got a Paypal account...

Kind Regards


Alan said...

Hi Sébastien
Sorry for the delay in answering your message.
Yes I have a packet of the Hurstwood Sunshine X Oro Verde seeds available.
I have replied to your e-mail.

Nichole DiAVonti said...

I know old post by you but just wanted to say how beautiful Oro Verde is Alan.
Hope you are doing well! :)