Saturday, 9 February 2013

I have a few seed pods matured and very limited seeds available.
The seeds are min 6 for £10 plus P+P

Hurstwood Bryony
   Arborea 'S'

Hoping to pass the beautiful scent of Arborea 'S' on to the striking colour of Hurstwood Bryony.


Sébastien Chalifour said...

Hi Alan...It was not a great experience for you i'm pretty sure...Hope you feel better days after days...Health is an important gift and when you're sick, you realize how it's important...

With my good wishes for your swift recovery...Take care!!!


Alan said...

Hi Sebastien
Thank you for your kind wishes. Hopefully soon I will be recovered and back to enjoying growing my Brugmansia.
Kindest Regards

PerennialGirl said...

Hi, Alain. I'm glad you are getting better. Must have been pretty scary.

Take care!
Donna in Winnipeg, MB

Alan said...

Hi Donna
Yes it was! :-)
I have replied to your e-mail, hope you received it?