Thursday, 21 February 2013

Seed available from:-
Hurstwood Francisco  X  Mobisu    
Cross made to hopefully increase the colour palette of both genes.                     
Hurstwood Francisco


roxxanne said...

Hi Alan! I've been watching for some posts from you. Are you ok? I know you had some health problems over the winter, but I hope you are recovered from them, Hope you are just too busy to be posting. I look forward to seeing some pics of new crosses. I have some seedlings of your crosses growing. I haven't got flowers yet but I'm hoping for this summer.

Alan said...

Hi Rox. Yup, I had to have a Quadruple Heart Bypass!! Complete surprise, only symptoms was a small pain in my Collar Bone! My recovery(from the op.) is taking a long time but hopefully getting there:-)
I'm lots behind with the Brugs but I'm getting there, already making crosses on the few blooms I have had open.
It will be great to see the blooms on your seedlings.
Hope you have a good summer.