Sunday, 10 October 2010

Here's a final bloom on my seedling (Rosa Lila X Wildfire 09) 2010 1
She is very dark. I love the colour and shape of the bloom.
I have also got 3 fat seed pods on her


Roxanne said...

That color is gorgeous! Looks like it's off the chart.

Alan said...

Hi Rox
It's the darkest coloured one I have ever seen (and I have some dark ones!)
Just hoping the cuttings root and the seed in the pods is viable.

Will said...

Gosh! This one is absolutely fabulous – what a colour, and you have even darker ones! Let’s hope the cuttings take. It will be interesting to see what the seeds produce - excellent. Will Giles

Alan said...

Thanks Will
Hoping for good things from the seed (when it finally matures?)