Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Most blooms are finishing now for winter, so I thought I would post some picture's
of Brugs. that I have enjoyed this year.
This one is Charleston, a real pretty bloom from the warm group and much sort after for use in breeding programmes.
Do you like her?


Dianne said...

My favourite white,Alan....I can't get it in Australia...so I have a lot of it's progeny growing as seedlings.

Roxanne said...

Beautiful! I don't have any whites, think I'll have to get one.

Alan said...

Thanks for the comments Ladies,
This one is real special, I hope it passes all its qualities on to your babies Dianne.
Rox, you have to have a pure White Brug, an absolute must:-)

R said...

I love the flower, but Charleston is one of the slowest growing brugs. It is nice how compact it will stay and bloom at. The fragrance is nice, but a little on the light side compared to many other whites. Sweetheart is a much more fragrant double white.