Wednesday, 15 December 2010

I have just harvested one of my seed pods
This is a cross between (RL x WF 09/10 1) X (RL x WF 09 12)
Expecting something special from these.

Rosa Lila X Wildfire 09 / 10 1

Rosa Lila X Wildfire 09 12

What do you think?


Roxanne said...

It'll be beautiful! Selling any seeds????

dany12 said...

Seeds are good even if the fruits were still green?

Alan said...

I have just sown a few seeds to make sure they are viable. When they germinate I will have few for sale ;-)
The seeds were ready (rattling in the pod)even though the pod was green.

Angela said...

Hi Alan this is Tikipod. Those two are beautiful and I hope I'm able to buy some of the seeds! You always post beautiful pictures ^_^

Alan said...

Thanks Ang glad you like them:-)
Thanks also for joining BGI
I will have a few spare seeds for sale after the festive period. I am going to sell this year on a first come first served basis ( I lost the waiting list's file on my PC, sorry everyone!)