Friday, 22 June 2012

Hurstwood Francisco has opened her first blooms of 2012.
We are having terrible weather (cold, wet and windy) here in the North West UK so I hope the blooms colour up to the same as those of 2011
This Cv is the result of 1 seed germinating which came from Francisco in Ecuador.
It is a Vulsa (Vulcanicola X Sanguinea)


Sébastien Chalifour said...

Hi Alan...Nice one your Francisco...I like the mix from yellow to orange of that CV. Last january, I got seeds from my friend Dany (Brugmansia Québec). That seeds was took from you. It was some of Australian Arborea and cross of Hurstwood Bow and Mobisu...Now I have four 2 feet tall plants (2 of them with little flower buds, not open yet). Only one arborea and 3 of hurstwood bow X Mobisu. When flower buds will open, I'll try to send you some pics...Your passion for cold group brugmansia now growing in Canada...My friend Dany 'suffer' more than me about that, but I think I begin to be a big fan of Sphaero...Nice work Alan...Keep going!!!

Alan said...

Hi Sebastien. Thank you for the Feedback,also Thank Dany for me for encouraging your interest in Sphaero's.
I hope you get some very special blooms from my crosses. My 2012 seedlings are just starting to bloom and I'm excited to see what results.
Would be great to see pictures of some of the blooms.