Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Weather still cold and very very wet here in NW UK :-( but I have got a couple more seedlings opening.
This one is looking good, Hurstwood Bryony X Hurstwood Elinor.
Lovely 'warm/rich' colour, clean foliage and a pleasing formation to the plant. Another massive plus is that its scented! It would appear that Hurstwood Elinor is capable of passing her fragrance to her off spring, that means I don't have to keep going back to Arborea (and risking lots of Whites) to maintain fragrance.
What do you think?


DaveP said...

I really do like this. Hope you will release it at some stage.

Sébastien Chalifour said...

Nice bloom Alan...a Hurtswood Bryony flower with Hurstwood Elinor leafs. Good result Alan!!!
I hope the same success with mine!!!...Weather here in Quebec is so different with that one in UK..pretty hot and dry (86 ºF), so, the opposite...We have to be generous with hosepipe!!!...Full sun, no rain for 15 days in a row!!!
Thanks for sharing your success!!!

Alan said...

Hi Dave
Glad you like the new seedling.

Hi Sébastien
I'm pleased that this has carried the fragrance from H. Elinor.
Our weather in the UK has improved a little, got a few blooms coming through now :-)